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SR-B100 Traditional slot die adhesive tape coating machine

Coating method: Slot die coating
Speed: 80m/min
Base material: Paper/nonwoven/textile
Width: 500-2000mm
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SR-B100 Slot die traditional type coating machine


Tradional technology slot die coating.

Generator in one whole.

PLC touch screen control system, easy operation, adhesive gsm and coating width control by PLC.

2 unwinder & 1 rewinder.

Rewinder length auto or manual control length.

Speed 50/80m/min, width 500-2000mm.


Normal for medical tape, paper tape, aluminum foil tape, Kraft tape etc. tape product, traditonal technology, easy operation.

Adhesive range 10-200g/m2, could be used for thick product coating.

All part in one set, unwinder, coating generator, rewinder all in one.

Each heating part temperature show on lamp.

Adhesive  pressure is controlled by adhesive pump.

Big cooling roller for thick adhesive product