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Qingdao SanRenXing is a capable team with perfect technology & strength in manufacturing hot melt adhesive coating laminating machine, company was built in 2010 year. Company own D & R department, with advanced CAD, 3D design software. D & R department years experience will offer suitable solution for client.

Equipment with professional unit, could offer product testing, like UV adhesive product, low/ high temperature hot melt adhesive product, hot melt adhesive film etc. All could provide testing.

Own more than ten years’ experience in hot melt adhesive coating and lamination, no matter hot melt PSA, hot melt UV adhesive, or thermoplastic material(EVA, PU, PA, TPU, PO etc.), we all can offer a suitable solution for customer.

With product using environment request, our company has research developed equipment for UV adhesive product. 

We agree with the English saying:’ Two heads are always better than one.’ Try to create a perfect quality and good for environmental coating lamination equipment, combining with electric, mechanical, technology and experience. Thus, we would like to  cooperate with personages of all circles both domestic and abroad to develop the hot melt adhesive coating and lamination technology to create glories together