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SR-B200 Semi automatic fast speed hot melt adhesive tape coating machine

Coating method: Rotary bar/slot die coating
Speed: 200m/min
Application:Paper/film tape
Type: semi automatic
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Single postion unwinder & full automatic rewinder.

Full automatic cutting function rewinder, 24hrs running needn't stop.

Maximum speed 200m/min.

Automatic process guiding system.

Constant tension control.

PLC touch screen problem, Siemens brand.

Length automatic control.

Adhesive pressure testing before filt and automatic alarm system.

UV adhesive and hot melt PSA all could be used

Equipment introduction

Application for PET/OPP film tape, paper tape or other high grade quality tape product.

Coating precision less than 6%. Die head is R & D by ourselve, structure, runner and precision same with Internation brand.

Die head angle could adjust, front & back, up & down movement.

Melting tank with adhesive pump control adhesive pressure.

PLC touch sceen control system could adjust adhesive gsm and coating width.

Equipment could be installled with corona, moisture or eletrostatic eliminator.

UV adhesive & UV lamp system(IST)