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TPU/EVA/PU/PA hot melt adhesive film extrusion machine

Method: Extrusion system
Adhesive thickness: 0.01-0.2mm
Speed: 30m/min
Application: Textile
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Hot melt adhesive film extrusion machine


Extrusion system.

Adhesive thickness 0.01-0.2mm.

Unwinder & rewinder with mangatic powder.

Coating precsion 4%.

PLC touch screen control operation.

Professional inside runner.

Coating width 500-2000mm.

Speed 30m/min.


T die with extrusion system, professiona inside runner.

Application like textile, clothing, shoes, luggage, underwear, civil etc. using.

Unwinder & rewinder could be design in full automatic system, transfer automatic.

Equipment with cooling unit or mould heating.